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About Us

About Us

Kenya School of Government is a Premier National Institution that model the Public Service. As a flagship project of Kenya Vision 2030, the School was established to perform a monumental mission of empowering the Public Service with the core skills and competences that government officers require to deliver government business for transformation of Public Service.

The School has remained truthful to its Core Mandate – Training, Research that inform public policy, Consultancy, Advisory and Outreach Services. We offer various capacity building programs that run from the point of entry, growth and exit of government officers. Specially, the School runs induction, Career Progression or Promotional programs, Skills Enhancement and Retirement Planning Programs to officers of all cadres in National and County governments, Parastatals, Independent Commissions and the Private Sector.

To deliver on the Core mandate, the School has strategically located Campuses across the Country including at Lower Kabete, Mombasa, Baringo, Matuga and Embu. The KSG Embu Campus is ISO 9001:2015 certified institution. The Campus is located in Embu town along the busy Nairobi –Meru highway, lying on the Eastern slopes of Mt. Kenya. The Campus neighbors other learning institutions in this serene environment like the University of Embu and the Kangaru Boys High School.

The KSG Embu Campus has modernized facilities for training; executive conferencing facilities; computer-aided learning workshops which include two ultra-modern auditoriums with a cumulative capacity of up to 300 participants. At Embu Campus, participants are at home away from home with befitting accommodation and quality meals in attractively set up restaurants.

The Campus offers a unique bouquet of refreshing activities such as mountain-climbing, nature walks, student picnics, and jogging terrain where participants get an opportunity to share tracks with renowned Kenya’s world-class athletic champions. Equally, on a need basis, the Campus organizes visits to the nearby Mwea National Reserve, and the undulating valleys and hills of the Mt. Kenya slopes to the West with the Mbeere Hills and plains of Ukambani to the East as well as seven forks hydro-electric project.

The Campus takes cognizance of the diversity of the training needs of clientele and has a holistic offer of programs with extension of collaborations which strengthens the Campus visibility, revenue generation and outreach responsibilities to reach out the community, to support global SDGs; AU Agenda 2063 and Kenya National Development Agenda including the Vision 2030. 

Welcome to our beautiful Campus and patronage on programs and available facilities.

Kenya School of Government Embu Campus has a history of change, which can be traced back to 1940s with the establishment of a Community Training Centre at Mbiruri, Runyenjes, in the then Embu District. The center was funded and managed by Embu County Council and provided training in home craft, masonry, carpentry and weaving.


In 1975, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) took over financial responsibility of the center as one of the Ministry’s pilot training centers and facilitated its transfer to the present location in Embu Municipality. In 1977, the Institution was transferred to the Office of President and re-designated Embu District Development Institute (DDI) in 1987. Following the relocation of Government Training Institute (GTI) Maseno in 1990 to give room for the establishment of Maseno University College of Moi University, all the courses and Twenty-four (24) teaching staff of Maseno GTI were transferred to Embu DDI.

In order to accommodate Maseno GTI training programmes, Embu DDI had to discontinue offering seminars, workshops and other courses, namely: Advanced Certificate Course in Storekeeping, Administration Studies for Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs, Public Health Officers Course, and Pre-Primary Teachers Course.

In 2002, the DDI was again transferred to the Directorate of Personnel Management (DPM) and renamed Government Training Institute (GTI) with the mandate to train public service personnel at all levels. The process of integrating the staff and expanding the functions of DDI and GTI Maseno took place in the 2002 and DDI Embu alongside other DDIs of Matuga and Baringo, which were upgraded to the status of GTIs under the then Office of the President [Mwai Kibaki].

In 2012, through KSG Act No. 9 of 2012, the Kenya School of Government was established and the School came to effect on 1st July, 2012 as a successor to the Kenya Institute of Administration and the Kenya Development Learning Centre. Embu GTI became a campus of the School established under subsection (1) of the Act. The KSG Embu Campus is located 160 KMs from Nairobi along the Meru Nairobi Highway in Embu County. The Embu Campus has a Land Title Deed No: IR: 203978. The Size of the KSG Embu Campus: Land is 7.134 Ha.

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